Etsy Mobile Phone Stands

A handcrafted Mobile Phone Stand and Desktop Organiser designed to stand out.

This beautifully customized Mobile Phone Stand is painstakingly handcrafted from the finest pine wood obtained from sustainable Australian forests. Each piece is unique and is as aesthetically pleasing as it’s functional.
Just perfect to display your mobile phone! Effortlessly watch videos and video conference with your own cordless headphones. Turn the phone 90 degrees to charge. And use as a landscape display and video player.

We make it personal.
We personalize it to make it truly yours! Every Mobile Phone Stand will feature a special badge with your initials delicately cut into it. Add to that the eye-catching Xyloe-exclusive veneer inlay and it makes for a really cool mobile accessory — a thing of beauty and a useful addition to keep your desktop stylish and tidy.